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Auto Clicker Exe it's a free and fast auto clicker for PC and mobile devices with Android OS. Auto Click Exe for PC can be used without any limitation. This tool is absolutely free and does not require any subscription.

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auto clicker exe

Free Auto clicker Download

Well designed software for easy use. Check the tutorial if you need more help on how to set up the tool. Simple and easy to use software that can be clicked with the mouse instead of a computer user. It will make life easier for both gamers and those who have to work with applications - automating the process of clicking the mouse.

OP Auto clicker Exe

Customize OP Auto Clicker Exe for your needs. You have settings like hours, minutes, seconds or miliseconds. After installation, simply press the previously configured hotkey to start the utility. It allows you to accurately record the sequence of clicks in different areas of the screen and then play the same actions.

Clean code, well programmed

Everything is clean for a smooth usage. Our auto clicker require just 1 Mb of RAM memory. The auto clicker independently performs a certain number of "clicks" or clicks at the frequency specified in the settings (the time period varies from milliseconds to hours). Double or single clicks are possible.

Best OP Auto Clicker Exe

The Auto Clicker Exe has been released with the user in mind. We know your needs and we developed the tool to fit your needs! Everything works smoothly without getting any error or app crash. Auto Clicker for Windows can significantly simplify the lives of those who, for one reason or another, are forced to repeat monotonous and uniform mouse manipulations countless times. For some, this is connected to work, for others to online games, for example. This program is easy to use and easy to download. A convenient and intuitive interface that can be used by anyone.


Auto clicker for PC: Easy to set up

Auto Clicker exe has a wide range of options for configuring and managing the automation process. Once you've managed to download Auto Clicker and start the program, look at the "Repeat Mode" tab. Here you can set options for repeating actions, as needed. You can repeat once; until you turn off Auto Clicker; set a specific number of repetitions or a specific period of time in minutes. At the bottom of the tab, you will see a ladder, which moves on which the slider can set the speed of repetitions.

Free OP Auto clicker exe features

Auto clicker EXE is a special utility that allows you to simulate a mouse click. A similar need may arise, for example, while switching on a computer game, where additional success depends on repeatedly pressing the mouse button or performing a certain repetition sequence. In order not to perform this procedure alone, you can be trusted with one of the auto clicker programs below.

The software has an intuitive interface and is supported by all versions of Win OS. Suitable for working with any games, programs and is not programmatically monitored by the server. In addition, it does not smell or send packages. Supports recording new or downloading macros and playing scripts.


OP Auto clicker download

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